alteryx: data preparation and integration from business user for business user

Those with Business Intelligence experience, know that data preparation and integration usually takes about 50-80% of the total BI effort.  

The necessary business and data understanding as well as the technical know-how exists in a few, seperate heads and bringing them together is time and cost intensive.

alteryx solves these challenges through self-service data preparation:

Business users without programming or database knowledge can use alteryx on their own to prepare, integrate data and make them available to others. 

Even scenarios in which business users collaborate with IT to prepare and integrate data, generate clear advantages because they work with the actual data instead of talking about data and writing down requirements.

Properly used, this results in:  

  • very fast feedback cycles that improve data understanding within the organisation
  • high quality, consistent and integrated data
  • significant shorter project lead times and cost savings 

But alteryx even goes beyond data preparation and provides user-friendly access to advanced analysis, such as sophisticated predictive analytics that inspire business users.

Want to learn more about alteryx?

Please try the free version of alteryx (download) or you can contact us to demonstrate the benefits of alteryx. We would be glad to show you concrete examples how your company can benefit from alteryx. 

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