Business Consulting

Our customers have very different requirements, which is why we respond individually as regards their initial position, goals and opportunities. The key factors are the extensive technological, methodological and social skills as well as the long-standing experience of our consultants. They support our customers within administration (federal government and cantons, financial services, computer science and telecommunications, industry & insurance.

Business Consulting

What objectives should be achieved and the impact of changes must be clearly defined before commencing each project. Our subject matter experts will deploy applicable methods to analyze what can be optimized and what is the associated economic benefit. The analysis and structured documentation of business processes or the collection of Business Use Cases with subsequent evaluation shall be deployed.

Our consultants hold recognized certifications as CPRE (IREB), in BPMN, UML, ITIL with postgraduate degrees in Business Engineering. Our experts are able to quickly identify critical points due to their subject matter expertise and practical experience from successful Projects.

The specification of software requirements and design of process-oriented solutions is part of the repertoire of our specialists. Our business analysts are very familiar with technologies such as Java, .Net, SOA, Linux, Windows, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. They can therefore competently evaluate whether a software architecture meets the desired requirements.

Project Management

Business & Decision apply proven common methodologies for projects. Adapted to the project situation, size and duration, these include:

  • Hermes 5
  • V-Modell
  • Scrum Methodik
  • Project Management Bodies of Knowledge von PMI oder IPMA

Benefit from the many years of experience of our Business & Decision experts: Our colleagues are regularly on customer site as consultant and project manager. Be it for location decisions of complex projects, as overall project manager or in charge of a specific project management discipline.

Our specialists hold an advanced degree in computer science or business computer science (University, Swiss Diploma (eidg. Diplom) or College) and further education courses in project management. All Project Managers are at a minimum PMI- or IPMA-certified (PMP, IPMA-B, IPMA-C). All project managers understand Scrum due to their work as ScrumMaster or ProductOwner and as well as completing training courses in that field.

Our generalists have experience in all disciplines of project management. We would also be happy to offer proven specialists in various fields of project management. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Project Scope Management
  • Risk Management und Quality Management
  • Change Management
  • Human Resource Management, Skills Management, Knowledge Management, Coaching und Konfliktmanagement.

Our Strength, Your Benefit

You benefit from the extensive Business & Decision expertise: The versatility of our colleagues, their prompt availability and the long-term and multi-faceted experience at all management levels. Be it computer science projects or the management of organization and integration projects.

We operate in all industries and can apply our experience from almost all sectors in your projects: Administration (federal government and cantons (federal states)), financial services, computer science and telecommunications, industry, insurance and others. Our colleagues are also available for short assignments and are accustomed to achieving outstanding results by delivering top performance over a short period time.


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