Digital Transformation & Innovation

Trends such as Digitalization, Big Data, Cloud, CRM, BPM, ECM, agile BI, Social Networks or Mobile Computing change requirements and create new challenges. Today, more than ever before, we are expected to revise our business models. Accessibility, availability and quality of services must be incrementally optimized.

Business & Decision is your first stop when it comes to systematically deploying the Digital Transformation and applying new, innovative technologies economically.

Digital Transformation: think big, start small

Big Data und Digital Transformation are current topics released in numerous publications. Disciplines and technologies are thereby linked with Big Data, Transformation, Analytics, Data, Data Mining, Statistics, Hadoop, NoSQL-Databases, In-Memory, Social Media, Marketing, Web-Analysis & CRM and this topic can be interpreted in different ways.

All experts appear to agree on one point: the data volume will increase massively over the next few years and the business models are changing rapidly.

Taking a „think big – start small“ approach, Business & Decision is your competent partner for the forthcoming transformation with extensive experience in the different technologies. 
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Flow of Information: Digitalization is the key to success

Deploy modern, flexible solutions to organize a sustainable flow of information in your company. Business processes can be sustainably supported which enable a tangible increase in transparency and job satisfaction.

ECM solutions currently offer innovative and cutting-edge technologies for the classification, structuring and versioning of information.

All information throughout all processes is available due to integrated HTML5 technology and mobile apps for various operating systems.


Digitalization of Documents: Scanning, Classifying and Electronic Archiving

Copying, punching, filing - is finally over! Digital recording and automatic readout of paper documents will accelerate business processes, shorten lead times and support your colleagues in the handling of routine tasks. This not only saves space, but a lot of money, too. A powerful scanning solution is one of the core competencies of every functioning Enterprise Content Management System. It is irrelevant whether documents are individually scanned or digitized as document batches in one fell swoop.

In parallel and within seconds, sophisticated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) checks the scanned documents securely and reliably reads out relevant information such as the header and item line data. The automatic validation in comparison to your already existing master data increases the recognition accuracy.

This ensures a secure classification of the type of document and a clear categorization of documents in the appropriate digital files. Documents are now available at any time at the push of a button, clearly presented in a digital filing plan, which is tailored to the individual filing structure of your company or organization.

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