Planning & Analysis using Qlik! You face the challenges of decentralizing your budgeting, improving your data quality or desire a user-friendly All-In-One analysis platform?

The Simple.Planner-Suite® is an efficient planning solution, which is based on the proven Jedox In-Memory planning engine, and at the same time, utilizes the excellent analytic capabilities of the QlikView Business Discovery solution. Simple.Planner can be used to create plans for various areas such as finance, sales, human resources and procurement planning.

The Simple.Planner-Suite video enables you to swiftly gain an initial insight into this solution:

A seamless integration of QlikView is used to populate the Simple.Planner templates with actual data from the ERP system. Such planning is usually performed decentralized and based on a central planning template, which observes the data access permissions. For support purposes, rule-based proposals for individual plans can already be created during the loading process. The planner can either accept such proposals or modify them on a detailed or aggregated level.

Of course, automated allocation algorithms, which are e.g. based on the previous year or on particular statistical methods, can be applied.

Each planning concluded by a users approval is forwarded to potential reviewers or a central planning based on a workflow. At all times, a planning cockpit provides an overview of the state of individual plans.

QlikView subsequently enables the evaluation of the overall planning based on all available dimensions and measurands. Thus, a high degree of transparency is achieved during the planning process in order to detect errors at an early stage. Simple.Planner is used to ensure that the people involved in the planning process will concentrate on the analysis of budgets and not on retrieving and providing data.

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